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SVAO Spring 2020 newsletter available NOW. Download .pdf here

The SVAO applauds the NEW BRUNSWICK decision to do away with front licence plates

The requirement of front licence plates on passenger and light commercial vehicles in New Brunswick will be eliminated July 15, 2019. Full article download .pdf here

Feb 2019: SVAO Alert on new Proposed Ethanol Standards - New comments deadline

The Ontario Ministry of Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (aka MOE) has posted a regulation on the Regulatory Registry to increase the ethanol content on regular gasoline (less than 89 proof) to 15% from the current average of 10%

There is nothing to say that the premium, lower level ethanol gasoline will be available in all areas of the province.

Prior to 2018 the ethanol content was mandated to a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 10%.  In 2018 the MOE tried to get the standards raised to 15% across the board but backed off under protests to a minimum of 10% with a maximum of 15%.  It appears that they are now trying another run only a year later.

The MOE is allowing comments until March 29th. Full Alert download .pdf here

SVAO Spring 2018 newsletter
.pdf Now Online

Dec 2017: SVAO ALERT on Proposed New Ethanol Standards

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment is proposing new ethanol standards for gasoline sold in Ontario.  They are proposing that all gasoline with an octane of 88 or lower must have 10% ethanol in them.  Right now the standards mandate that such gases must have 5% ethanol but may contain up to 10%. 
 Note that this is for PUBLIC comment so feel free to pass the link below along to anyone who you think might be interested in this. Comment deadline is 23/01/18

Full Alert download .pdf here

Government of Ontario Environmental Registry

June 2017 Notice:

We have recently been contacted about some vehicles being stopped for misuse of these plates.
Please review the rules for Historic Plate use here.

May 2017: SVAO meets with MTO on kit car / home builds, issue

May 30th saw the SVAO meet with an MTO team at their offices in St. Catharines. Read the report of the meeting Kit Car page.

April 2017 SVAO Urges Caution on Kit / Home Builds
Based on a recent inquiry to the Specialty Vehicle Association of Ontario, we have been doing some research on potential problems for anyone intending to build and register a kit car in Ontario.

Ontario Government to Scrap AMPS

The Ontario government announced May 2, 2016 that it would not be proceeding with its proposed changes to the Provincial Offences Act (POA) which would have seen certain traffic and bylaw matters dealt with through an Administrative Monetary Program System (AMPS).

This proposal would have taken away citizens’ rights to a presumption of innocence in certain cases, without being found guilty in a court of law. More background on this issue can be found at

Congratulations to all of the Specialty Vehicle Association of Ontario’s members and clubs who took the time to take up the challenge and contacted their MPPs to voice the displeasure over the AMPS proposal. Congratulations also to the Ontario Government for listening to the electorate. The SVAO considers this a win for all concerned.

Please encourage every enthusiast you know to do the same
In the US they have 60,000 members, to have parity we need 6,000. The site is a work in progress, eventually they will have the same process for Canada as they do in the US.

New Safety Standards for Ontario

Important infomation for the Specialty Vehicle community:

June 2016: SVAO’s Response to the MTO’s Proposed Draft Light-Duty Inspection Standards (download .pdf)

May 16th, 2016 "Old Autos" article by John Kelly "Safety Standards" (posted with permission).

March 2016: SVAO report
SVAO Chairman Chris Whillans discusses the impending changes to the light vehicle Mechanical Fitness Standards for Ontario, and how they might impact automotive enthusiasts and owners of specialty vehicles. 

New “Draft” light-duty inspection standards that MTO is proposing in place of Schedules 1 and 2 of O/Reg 611 for a vehicle Ontario Safety Standards Certificate .pdf

Earlier this year MTO published a draft version of proposed new standards for Safety Standards Certificate inspections for light duty vehicles, for public comment (the current standards were written ‘way back in 1974!).  The SVAO wrote a submission and sent it in to the MTO. 

Thanks to an advisor to the SVAO, we have been informed that they now have a final version of these standards and they expect these will be law by July, 2016.

"What's New" MTO Overview of Proposed Significant Technical Changes .pdf

MTO Updated Passenger / Light-Duty Vehicle Inspection Standard Reference Handbook .pdf

Visit the NewsletterPage to see the SPRING 2015 .pdf edition of the SVAO Newsletter. Read about the proposed changes to the certification process, and Haggerty Insurance 'Default' mileage.

Required Emission Control Equipment

Environment ministry enforcement officers are equipped with information regarding the required emission control equipment on specific vehicles. Recently, one of our members asked if we knew an accurate source of information that the collector car community could access. For further information regarding the Drive clean program and specialty vehicles, please visit the Ministry of Environment Drive clean Information page

New Links -Visit: The Politics of Driving

The Ontario Automotive Recylclers Association Click Here to find parts from their online inventory

NEW: Hot Rods Emission Requirements Q&A .pdf - Regulation 361/98 Enviro Protection Act

Useful Link: Information on legislation and regulations for the Drive clean program can be found on the  website click Here

"The SVAO seeks to work in partnership with governments to develop policy that is of benefit to all of Ontario
Governments are currently considering ways to implement many programs that could have devastating impacts on our hobby. We have only to look south of the border to see what can happen to specialty vehicles and their complacent owners when such programs are implemented."
The Issues

EMISSIONS TESTING: Governments continue to consider mandatory emission testing as a licensing requirement for all vehicles.

CLUNKER LAWS: Corporate sponsored crushing programs used to trade off industrial pollution credits will reduce the availability of original restoration parts.

MUNICIPAL BY-LAWS: Municipalities have the power to severely restrict how specialty vehicles are stored and where the owners can work on them.

VEHICLE LICENSING: Current licensing fees and programs do not adequately reflect the usage rates and needs of Specialty Vehicles.

COMPULSORY SAFETY INSPECTIONS: Proposed mandatory annual safety inspections
will impact Specialty Vehicles.

SPECIALTY INSURANCE: Existing insurance programs do not necessarily account for the driving patterns of Specialty Vehicles.

PARTNERS WITH GOVERNMENTS: We are the recognized voice of the Specialty Vehicle community in Ontario and will continue to provide input and assistance to governments on auto related matters.

To continue to compile the demographic profile of the Specialty Vehicle community and measure its benefits to the province of Ontario.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Dedicated to working with agencies to enact realistic environmental legislation.

A RESOURCE TO THE SPECIALTY VEHICLE COMMUNITY: To assist members in situations where they may be adversely impacted, and to provide an information forum through its quarterly newsletter.

LICENSING: To provide adequate input so that licensing fees and structures will reflect the needs and usage of Specialty Vehicles.

Download and distribute this information sheet on the SVAO and please circulate it
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