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Chairman's Message 2012

Hello to all after the winter that never was. As I sit here in the second week of March looking at grass and extremely mild weather, I am already seeing some collector vehicles on the road. Please be sure to check your vehicle over before heading out on that first trip as it is sometimes true that more seems to deteriorate when in storage than when being driven. Better yet, get together with some friends or your club and help give all of your vehicles a touring inspection - many sets of eyes are often better than one.

The SVAO has been busy over the fall and winter helping to look out for our hobby. We have met with the Drive Clean folks and are working with the Enforcement branch to come up with a user friendly document that people can use to see what sorts of emissions equipment should be on your collector vehicle. Remember that while pre-1988 vehicles don’t face a mandatory bi-annual Drive Clean test, they are expected to have all of the pollution equipment on the vehicle that it came with from the factory. Modified vehicles emissions are a little more complicated and that has been the main focus of our discussions, so stay tuned as the hopefully simplified information will appear on our web site as soon as possible.

The SVAO has also been working with the MTO to clarify some individual registration problems that have come up with various vehicles. We will be putting a condensed version of some of this information on our web site soon. In addition the SVAO has been co-ordinating efforts with the NAACC who work on the federal level.
Lastly, this note is attached to our annual appeal for you to renew your membership with the Specialty Vehicle Association of Ontario. The larger our membership, the more we can represent you in our dealings with the provincial and municipal governments.

Take care out there,
Chris Whillans (SVAO chairman)


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